The NEW must have Eco-Friendly Paint Tool - CLEAN N ROLL

  1. Cleans & dries multiple size roller naps for immediate reuse or storage.

  2. Uses less water than conventional roller nap cleaning methods.

  3. Quick, easy and splatter free cleaning.

  4. High quality commercial grade paint tool.

  5. Self-cleaning & eco-friendly

  6. SAVES time, money and decreases landfill waste from roller naps.

  7. For Painting Professionals and Home Improvement Enthusiasts

About Pamrick Enterprises LLC

Patrick and Pamela Egan founded Pamrick Enterprises LLC in 2011 to offer painting professionals and home improvement enthusiasts a better, faster way to clean roller covers; saving time and money. Pamrick Enterprises LLC is a majority woman owned business. We are dedicated to providing the highest quality paint tool at a good value. We take pride in offering a product that is also environmentally friendly. CLEAN N ROLL allows roller covers to be reused, meaning less landfill waste and lower supply expenses for the business and home owner. 

Patrick Egan Invented the CLEAN N ROLL 

With 30 years of experience as a professional painting contractor and business owner, Patrick was looking for ways to increase the efficiency of clean up tasks required after each project. The CLEAN N ROLL was born out of this quest for a quick, easy and mess free way to clean roller covers for reuse. Several prototypes and years of job-site testing have gone into the development of the CLEAN N ROLL.   US PATENT: 9,834,033 and 9,834,034  CLEAN N ROLL is a registered trademark.